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The daily growth of world population and utilization of the earth by the mankind for production of energy and industrial development has brought devastating destruction to the environment.
This danger is so serious that the health of human beings is under question. The dimensions of this tragedy are so broad that many scientists, politicians, and international organizations have paid serious attentions to this subject.

The issue of environment in Iran, has a history dating back to June 1972, when the World Conference on Environment in Stokholm, encouraged all countries to control environmental pollution. This resulted in the approval of Environmental Protection Law by the Parliament in 1974.
Even though this law was acceptable in content, due to the lack of executive support, it could not be used as a strong tool for the protection of environment from man-made hazards.

After the victorious revolution by the islamic movement in 1979 special attention was paid to the issue of the environment. Article number Fifty in the Constitution, has given the main stand of authorities and people on the issue. In this Article, the environment is considered as a God-given gift to human being whose protection is essential for the safeguard of future generations and this is a public duty which should be supported by every single citizen.
According to this Law any social or economic activity which can result in some kind of environmental pollution or any irreversible damage to the environment is strongly prohibited.

The " Rio" Convention held in Brazil in 1992, brought the attention of the world body to the following message:

One Earth for All

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