Iranian Society of Environmentalists
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Objectives of IRSEN

Iranian Society of Environmentalists, has been established for promotion of environmental knowledge qualitatively through integration of development aspects and sustainable development aims, applying appropriate technology, development of expert research activities in environmental fields.
In order to reach the above mentioned objectives the society will practice as follows:

  • 1. Exchange of views and acquisition of information and data on environmental issues.
  • 2. continuous upgrading of the knowledge of national experts through publication and dissemination of documents and reports on the activities of the society (outcomes of conferences, seminars, symposiums etc. ) as books, bulletins, journals, brochures, and appropriate media.
  • 3. carrying out or encouraging implementation of necessary research activities, compilation of different environmental standards and criteria and dissemination of them.
  • 4. providing scholarships, educational and financial support to persons and institutes.
  • 5. recognition and introduction of environmental engineers, innovators, institutes and dissemination of the results.
  • 6. holding or cooperation in holding of environmental conferences and seminars as well as industrial exhibitions and scientific technical gatherings.

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