Iranian Society of Environmentalists
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Committees of IRSEN

IRSEN has several Scientific committees as follows :

Committee Name Chairman
Sustainable development R. Maknoon
Air and radiation pollution M. Ghiasseddin
Noise pollution P. Nassiri
Water pollution M. Karamouz
Soil pollution and solid waste Gh. Omrani
Environmental impact assessment M. Shariat
Art and environment A. Laghaie
Environmental law F. Dabiri
Environmental biotechnology R. Marandi
Environmental economy -----

The scientific committees hold monthly meetings with the participation of interested members to discuss the related subjects of interest.

There are also several executive committees, such as :

Committee Name Chairman
Public relations M. Maleki
Students Committee N. Shojaei
Regional & international cooperation -----
Publication P. Nassiri
Provincial branches Gh. Omrani
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