Iranian Society of Environmentalists
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Main Activities of IRSEN
  • 1) Holding public meetings on important issues in the field of environment.
  • 2) Holding training workshops, to increase the knowledge of the members and non-members on different related subjects.
  • 3) Arranging group trips, to familiarize members with different aspects of the Iranian ecosystems (forests, habitats, deserts, mountains, etc.).
  • 4) Publication of the Scientific Journal of "Man and Environment", to reflect results of research activities on environmental issues.
  • 5) Publication of monthly newsletter, to inform members of the latest news of the association.
  • 6) Holding a national biannual conference for the exchange of views and presentation of scientific activities of members.
  • 7) Presenting national prize to T.V. broadcastings, radio stations, newspapers, industries, and those people who have made the highest contribution to the environmental activities.
  • 8) Inviting government authorities for interviews and discussions on related issues.
  • 9) Co-operation with I.R.I.B. (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting), in a program called written messages and producing messages for section of "Environmental Magazine" since 1998.
  • 10) Trying to establish co-operation with other national, regional and international NGOs or associations in the related fields of interests.
  • 11) Trying to establish a working relationship with the international organizations such as UNE, UNDP, IOC, etc.
  • 12) Participating in research projects in the field of environment, energy, and sustainable development as needed by any organization.
  • 13) Arrangment of monthly and seasonal scientific sessions.

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