Iranian Society of Environmentalists
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IRSEN Membership Information

IRSEN has several level of membership:

  • Full Membership:
      Any individual working in the field of environment or related field.
      All specialists in the field of environment, or with equivalent professional work experience in environment may apply for full Membership. Full members are eligible to vote on IRSEN matters. (Annual dues : 30,000 Rials)
  • Associate Membership:
      Any individual interested in environment. (Annual due: 30,000 Rials)
  • Student Membership:
      Any student interested in the field of environment who is enrolled a university in different fields of sciences, management and engineering. (Annual due: 15,000 Rials)
  • Honorary Membership:
      A person recognized by the board of directors as having made exemplary contribution to the protection of environment.
      Honorary members are not necessarily environment specialists but should at least hold a B.Sc. and lie active in for the environmental issues. (Annual due: None)
  • Organizational Membership:
      Any organization interested in supporting the activities and objectives of IRSEN. Annual dues vary depending upon size of organization.
  • The membership application forms in persian and english are available :

    فرم عضويت در انجمن متخصصان محيط زيست
    آئین نامه عضویت انجمن متخصصان محیط زیست ایران

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