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This convention, which was participated by many heads of states, was influenced by political and economic-related issues.
As a result of this convention, in 1994 another law was ratified by the Parliament on the subject of air pollution control.
According to the Air pollution Acts, the discharge of any contaminants such as gases, particulates and ionizing or nonionizing radiations into the atmosphere that interfere with human and animal health and damages plants, materials or environment as whole is forbidden.
This was followed by a regulation that required preparation of EIA by some of the large industries and development plans.

According to this new law, all big industrial projects, such as power plants, refineries, airports, terminals, defense industries, etc. are required to file an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Even though there have been many attempts by authorities and legislators on the subject of environmental protection, specially during the last decade, the existence of independent non-governmental bodies to express their views on this issue could be felt.
Some registered or non-registered groups such as "Group of Protection of Mountains Against Pollution" or "Group of Woman for the Protection of Environment" have been active during recent years.

Finally, In 1994, with the help of environmental specialists in industrial sectors, universities, governmental organizations, the Iranian Society of Environmentalists (IRSEN) was established as a non-governmental organization and a scientific association.

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