Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 39) Abstracts

  • Presentation of an HSE-MS performance measuring model based on EFQM

  • ( Iraj Mohammadfam, Amir Shekari, Amir Hossein Khosroujerdi )

    Keywords :   Health, safety and environment, performance, assessment model

  • Assessing the government’s role in environmental problems of Iran (An environmental economic approach)

  • ( Niloofar Moradhassel, Amir Hossein Mozayani )

    Keywords :   Environment, government, pollution emission, air pollution, Iran, capital formation

  • H2S emission from Sabalan geothermal power plant and its control in such plants

  • ( Abdoreza Karbasi, Faride Atabi, Sepide Sahar Mirzaei )

    Keywords :   Air pollution, geothermal power plants, sulfur dioxide

  • The study of the environmental impacts of Bandar Abbas zinc factory

  • ( Seyyed Ali Jozi, Fereshteh Sojoodi )

    Keywords :   Environmental impacts, zinc factory, environmental pollution, environmental, Monitoring and auditing

  • The effect of urban development on noise pollution in district one of Tehran municipality

  • ( Nasser Moharramnejad, Mahsa Safaripour )

    Keywords :   Noise pollution, urban development, population, green space, traffic, residential areas

  • Biosorption of Pb (II) and Zn (II) by the non-living biomass Phanerochaete chrysosporium

  • ( Reza Marandi, Hamideh Amir Afshar )

    Keywords :   Biosorption, adsorption, heavy metals, preteatment, biosorbent, biomass, P.chrysosoporium

  • Economic assessment of domestic solid wastes recycled in district 20 of Tehran municipality

  • ( Seyed Masoud Monavari, Zahra Abedi, Hanieh Gharehbakhsh )

    Keywords :   Recycling, domestic solid waste, district 20 of Tehran, economic benefits, cost-benefit, analysis

  • Bioremediation potential of MTBE in soil and water resources by Lavandula vera

  • ( Mohammad Koushafar, Morteza Talebi, Seyyed Morteza Khaje Bashy )

    Keywords :   MTBE, phytoremediation, Lavandula vera

  • The study of the distribution of common otter (Lutra lutra) In Shenrood River using a standard method (Case study: Deylaman-Dorfak no hunting zone)

  • ( Mahmood Karami, Mohammad Dehdar Dargahi, Ali Eslami, Mona Hamzehpour )

    Keywords :   Standard method, signs of otter, common otter, Deylaman-Dorfak no hunting zone, Shenrood River

  • Urban space designing as an educational device for children (Case study: US – New York , Districts: PS 244 Sound and PS23 Sound)

  • ( Mamak Nassiri Nasab, Farah Habib )

    Keywords :   Children, urban space, district, education, safety

  • Ecopark Design Legislation Development for reviewing design of Pardisan Park in Tehran

  • ( Ali Reza.Mikaeili, Zohreh.Kiazadeh )

    Keywords :   Industrial park, eco-park, ecological engineering, principles of designing, creation

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