Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 38) Abstracts

  • Sustainable urban development With an emphasis on pedestrian movement in Asia

  • ( Malihe Ahmadi, Farah Habib )

    Keywords :   Sustainable development, non-vehicle transportation, walking in cities

  • Simulation and energetic modeling for the optimization of energy consumption in rubber industries

  • ( Faride Atabi, Hossein Ghadamian, Mohammad Khodadadi )

    Keywords :   Rubber, energy conservation, energetic modeling, energy porters

  • Arsenic pollution of the surface water in Koohsorkh region, Kashmar, Iran

  • ( Yasaman Babaee, Mohammad Reza Alavi Moghadam, Fereshte Ghassemzadeh, Mohammad Hossein Arbab Zavar )

    Keywords :   Water pollution, arsenic, Chelpo River, Kashmar

  • Providing practical and managerial procedures to reduce electric energy consumption in buildings

  • ( Jafar Nouri, Abdoreza Karbassi, Hasti Borgheipour, Alireza Taheri )

    Keywords :   Practical and managerial procedures, energy management, improving electric energy consumption, educational buildings

  • Landscape Architecture: An introduction to its approaches and values

  • ( Mohsen Faizi, Hamid Reza Azemati )

    Keywords :   Landscape architecture, educational approach, ecology, community, delight

  • The role of nanotechnology in the reduction of environmental contaminations of the construction industry

  • ( Mahnaz Mahmoudi, Mohammad Hadi Behboudi, Seyede Hadiseh Sedigh )

    Keywords :   Nanotechnology, environmental contaminations, Titanium Oxide, nano silice, nano aluminum

  • Recycling the slag obtained from the application of powder In submerge arc welding (SAW)

  • ( Kaveh Arzani, Amir Hossein Haghighati, Ali Reza Mirzahosseini )

    Keywords :   Recycling, submerge arc welding, submerge arc welding wastes, scanning electro microscope

  • The effect of nitrogenous compounds on the production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) by activated sludge

  • ( Nader Mokhtarani, Hossein Ganjidust, Manijhe Khaleghi Sarnamy, Mahdi Borgheie )

    Keywords :   Activated sludge; anaerobic-aerobic treatment; biodegradable polymers; C/N, PHAs, SBR

  • Economic analysis of Haraz environmental water requirement in Dasht Haraz irrigation and drainage project (Mazandaran Province)

  • ( Hasan Karimzadegan, Reza Arjmandi, Seyed Masoud Monavari, Shohreh Naiji )

    Keywords :   Water allocation, environmental flow, environmental flow methodology, ecological and economic values

  • Relationship between sustainable development and climatic design of buildings in dry cold regions (case study: Tabriz)

  • ( Shahriar Shaghaghi, Majid Mofidi )

    Keywords :   Climate, sustainable development, compact fabric, architecture of constructions, dry cold region

  • Structural sustainability in Iranian traditional cities: Coherence and complexity in urban designing (Fractal structure)

  • ( Nahid Mohajeri )

    Keywords :   Complexity, coherence, Fractal structure

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