Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 35) Abstracts

  • Modeling of pH Change Impact on Heavy Metal (Nickel and Cadmium) Transmission in Persian Gulf (Khour-e Mousa) Caused by Bandar Imam Khomeini Petrochemical Complex

  • ( Amir Hossein Javid, Hassan Samadyar )

    Keywords :   Imam khomeini Petrochemical Complex, heavy metals, modeling, the Persian Gulf, Khour-e Mousa

  • The impact of power plants efficiency improvement on the environment and economy

  • ( Mahdi Sadeghi, Leila Golavar, Zahra Abedi )

    Keywords :   Efficiency, fuel power plants, social costs, external costs, emission

  • Investigation of environmental impacts of Kaveh Industrial Zone

  • ( Reza Arjmandi, Ali Jozi, Saeed Motahari )

    Keywords :   Environmental impacts, Kaveh Industrial Zone, pollution, industrial unit

  • Measurement and Modeling of Equivalent Noise Level and Determination of Noise Pollution Critical Zone (Case Study in an Automobile Manufacturing Co.)

  • ( Parvin Nassiri, Hossein Mehravaran, Roozbe Ghousi )

    Keywords :   Equivalent Noise Level, critical zones, noise map, modeling, noise barriers, noise source

  • Green space in high buildings with reconsideration of nature

  • ( Ali Sharghi, Mohammad Hossein Mohtashami )

    Keywords :   Nature, ecology, green plants, high building, roof

  • Alternatives evaluation in EIA by Spatial Multi Criteria Evaluation

  • ( Pezhman Roudgarmi, Nematollah Khorasani, Masoud Monavari, Jafar Nouri )

    Keywords :   Alternatives evaluation, EIA, environmental impacts, GIS, SMCE

  • Substitution of NaCN by iron sulfate and hydrated lime in differential flotation of Pb and Zn at Lakan Mineral Processing Plant

  • ( Iraj Yousefi, Gholam Reza Molatahery, Majid Vafaifar )

    Keywords :   Differential flotation, sodium cyanide, iron sulfate, hydrated lime, Concentrate, zinc sulfate

  • Environmental impact assessment in Iran and Industrial countries

  • ( Farhad Dabiri, Mojhde Kiani )

    Keywords :   Laws and regulations, Environmental Impact Assessment, preventive rules

  • The effect of Cadmium on renal diseases

  • ( Esmat Mohajeri, Faramarz Moattar, Mahmood Mahmoodi )

    Keywords :   Cadmium, environment, renal diseases, blood

  • Economic consequences of lack of action against invasive Mnemiopsis leidyi in the Caspian Sea coasts

  • ( Hamidreza Ghaffarzadeh, Nazli Honarbakhsh )

    Keywords :   Ecological and economic values, Mnemiopsis leidyi, Market Approach, Valuation, Kilka

  • Diversity, density, and distribution of zooplankton in the south of the Caspian Sea in winter 1384 Compared with the previous years

  • ( Mojgan Rowshan Tabari, Parisa Nejatkhah, Seyyed Abbas Hosseini, Noorbakhsh Khodaparast, Mohammad Taghi Rostamian )

    Keywords :   Caspian Sea, zooplankton, depth, diversity, distribution, density

  • Biometric Relations of Hawksbill Turtle in Qeshm Islandís Coasts

  • ( Borhan Riazi, Kamran Kamali, Mahmood Karami, Seyyed Mohamad Reza Fatemi )

    Keywords :   Hawksbill Turtle, Qeshm Island, Biometry

  • Investigation the Noise Pollution in Borujerd Textile Factory

  • ( Maryam Mohammadi Roozbahani, Parvin Nassiri, Farideh Golbabaei )

    Keywords :   noise pollution, textile factory, sound pressure, level, permissible exposure limit

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