Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 29) Abstracts

  • The impact of land use changes on urban Vegetation using remote sensing

  • ( Jalal Abdollahi, Mohammad Hassan Rahimian, Kazem Dashtakian, Mahdi Shadan )

    Keywords :   Urban environment, Land use changes, Vegetation cover, Remote sensing

  • The effect of turbochargers on CNG buses fuel consumption and emitted pollutants

  • ( Saman Chehrazi )

    Keywords :   substitutional fuels, environment, turbocharger, emissions of transportation, CNG

  • Environmental assessment of Iranís industrial development strategic policies by strategic factors analysis method (SWOT)

  • ( Jafar Nouri, Majid Abbaspour, Bijan Maghsoudlou Kamali )

    Keywords :   strategic environmental assessment (SEA), screening, policy, SWOT matrix

  • The study of wastewater treatment system efficiency of Sahand dairy products factory, Tabriz

  • ( Ali Torabian, Amir Hesam Hassani, Mahdi Borghei, Amir Hossein Javid, Akbar Rajabi )

    Keywords :   dairy wastewater, anaerobic and aerobic treatment, fixed bed treatment system

  • The modeling of leached petroleum hydrocarbons in water and soil resources

  • ( Majid Ehteshami, Ramin Ahmadnia )

    Keywords :   modeling, petroleum hydrocarbons, soil and water resources, leaching

  • The evaluation of health conditions of food supply and distribution centers in Bam after the earthquake

  • ( Gholam Reza Jahed Khaniki, Amir Hossein Mahvi )

    Keywords :   food supply centers, environmental health, food safety, earthquake, city of Bam

  • Minimization of sludge produced in wastewater treatment plants by activated sludge methods

  • ( Siamak Boudaghpour, Seyed Ahmad Mirbagheri, Omid Mirza Fashami )

    Keywords :   activated sludge, dissolved oxygen, sludge loading, biological floc, modeling, optimization

  • Kyoto protocol, challenges and opportunities

  • ( Nastaran Rahimi, Mouhsen Bakhtiar )

    Keywords :   Kyoto protocol, opportunities, challenges, fossil fuel resources, ecological effects, developing countries, developed countries, models, convention, climate change

  • The effect of salt stress on some of the ecophysiolgic and biochemical properties of the pistacia mutica

  • ( Hamid Noorani Azad, Farshid Kafilzadeh, Hamid Mohammadi, Nour Addin Goodarzian )

    Keywords :   pistachio, salinity, protein, and sugar

  • Comparing phenanthrene-degrading gram positive bacteria isolated from Noshahr and Amirabad coastal waters in terms of ecologic modification

  • ( Najmeh Nouri, Nour Amir Mozafari, Reza Safari )

    Keywords :   degrading bacteria, phenanthrene, PAHs bacillus, corynebacterium

  • Identification of biosurfactant-producing Bacteria and their use in the removal of oil pollutants

  • ( Mohammad Kargar, Farshid Kafilzadeh, Nooradin Goodarzian, Ashraf Noohi, Nasrin Moazzami )

    Keywords :   biosurfactant, emulsification, bioremediation, oil pollutants

  • The effect of energy optimization methods on polluting gases emitted from furnaces

  • ( Reza Marandi, Mir Esmaeil Masoumi, Hasan Azadmanesh )

    Keywords :   energy optimization, cracking, furnace

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