Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 27) Abstracts

  • Mathematical model Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) in saline wastewater treatment

  • ( Sayed Mahdi Borghei, Amir Hesam Hassani, Nasrin Amani )

    Keywords :   Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), saline wastewater, Mathematical Model

  • Evaluation of Environmental noise pollution in schools of central Karaj (Iran) in 1383-4

  • ( Parvin Nassiri, Majid Abbaspour, Mahmood Mahmoodi, Asghar Babaeii )

    Keywords :   noise pollution, schools, teachers, traffic, Karaj

  • The Determination of Dimethoate Insecticide Residues upon the cucumber Product (Fars province)

  • ( Mansoureh Shayeghi, Masoumeh Hosseini, Mohammad Abtahi )

    Keywords :   Dimethoate,Cucumber, Kor river, Sivand River, Korsivand River

  • The Effect of Nickel on Seed Germination Proline Metabolism, Catalase and Peroxides Activity in Brassica Napus L.

  • ( Mah Lagha Ghorbanli, Reza HadjiHoseiny, Ravan-Bakhsh Shirdam, Soudabeh HezarKhani )

    Keywords :   Germination, Nickel, Proline, Peroxidase, Catalase, Colza

  • Mutagenic & Carcinogenicity of phytoplankton blooming using salmonella typhimorium in Persian Gulf

  • ( Mozhgan Emtiazjoo, Fatemeh Dahouki, Mohammad Rabani )

    Keywords :   Mutagenicity, Carcinogen city, Red tide (Chlamydomonas), Salmonella, Typhimurium, Micro some

  • The impact of land use changes on urban vegetation using remote sensing

  • ( Jalal Abdollahi, Mohammad Hassan Rahimian, Kazeam Dashtakian, Mahdi Shadan )

    Keywords :   Urban environment, Land use changes, Vegetation cover, Remote sensing

  • Isolation of different Pseudomonas spp.capable of naphthalene degradation from southern Caspian waters and the systematic evaluation of their growth in Bench scale

  • ( Zahra Yaghoubzadeh, Noura Amir mozafari, Aboalfath Shojaii, Reza Safari )

    Keywords :   Naphthalene, Degradation, Pseudomonas, and Caspian Sea

  • The Study of Mesopotamian soft-shell turtle (Rafetus euphraticus) and its Habitat in Iran

  • ( Mahmood Karami, Borhan Riazi, Haniyeh Ghaffari, Ertan Taskavak )

    Keywords :   Trionychidae, Rafetus euphraticus, endangered, distribution, habitat, Khuzestan, Iran

  • Governments’ interests in different parts of seas

  • ( Zahra Pishgahi Fard, Yousef Zeinolabedin Amooghin )

    Keywords :   International conventions on the law of the seas, land locked states, sea neighboring states, ocean neighboring states, territorial sea, exclusive economic zone, and continental shelf

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