Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 23) Abstracts

  • Feasibility Study of PET Bottle Recycling in Order to Produce Unsaturated Polyester Resin

  • ( GhasemAli Omrani, Manochehr Vosoughie, Roya Gholami mafie )

    Keywords :  

  • Simulation of Thermal Stratification in Urban Man–Made Lakes

  • ( Jafar Nouri, Hamid Rahimipour, Roya Nezakati )

    Keywords :   man-made lake, water resources, water quality, thermal stratification

  • Effects of Application Trichlorfon Toxin With Different Concentrations on Growth of Larvae and Fry of Caspian Kutum, Rutilus Frisii Kutum

  • ( Nasrin Chobkar, Hosein Emadi, Hosein Negarestan )

    Keywords :   Tocin, Trichlorfon, Kutum, Caspian Sea, Concentration, Time, Growth

  • Estimating maximum daily temperature using NOAA satellite images- Case study in Oroomieh lake basin

  • ( Ali Rahimi Khoob, Mahdi Kouchak Zade, Foroud Sharifi, Jamal Mohammad Vali Samani )

    Keywords :   Air temperature, NOAA satellite, Regression model, Land surface temperature, Oroomieh

  • Emulsion and Sorption Oil Spills by Expanded Perlite types: A0,

  • ( Afshar Alihossini, Dariush Bastani, Ali Akbar Seifkordi )

    Keywords :   Adsorption; Spill Oil; Sorption kinetic; Perlite; Emulsion

  • A Scientific Report about Bats in Qeshm Island

  • ( Hossein Zohuri, Mahmoode Karami, Mozafar Sharefi )

    Keywords :   Bat, Fruit Bat, Qeshm Island

  • Biosorption of Azo dyes reactive Red from Industrial Infusion by dried activated sludge

  • ( Reza Marandi, Tahereh Valizadeh, Morteza Kashefi asl )

    Keywords :   Azo dye, Active Sludge, Biological Absorbance, Lang Muir, Freundlish Isotherms

  • A Survey of Wastewater Quality and Quantity in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries of Tehran

  • ( Amir Hossein Mahvi, Simin Nasseri, Mohammad Mossaferi, Mostafa Hosseini )

    Keywords :   Wastewater,Food,Pharmaceutical Industries,Tehran,Quantity, Quality

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