Project title :
Promoting the adoption of renewable energies in rural areas and related activities.Establishing two proper sites in Yakh-kesh Mountain (Caspian Region)

Abstract :
This project is concerned with the development and promotion of small scale RE–based technology. The project involves demonstration of the potential and applicability of renewable energies in rural communities, training and awareness raising, income generation and encourages local community participation.
To this aim, two villages of Yakh-kesh Mountain (Caspian region) was selected for establishing Biogas units to mitigate deforestation processes through firewood collection.
The Yakh-kesh population of 10000 villagers spread amongst 1.186 households has relied on firewood, due to the lack of other fuels needed for heating and cooking. Each household consumes as much as 12 to 14 tones of wood every year, which is collected from the nearby forests.
Thus, 5000 hectares of forest are being destroyed annually by each household, which is even a little more than the annual growth of forests in the region. In this regard, Biogas sites have been established in Pechet and Yakh-kesh villages to replace firewood as the main source of fuel. Training in the field of Renewable Energies have been provided to create the technical abilities in the rural residents in order to continue the plan and assist the replication of the project in the neighboring villages.
Also an Exhibition will be set up in Tehran to demonstrate this and other renewable energy applications as well the lessons learned , at a national level.
It must be mentioned, this project was supported by United Nations Development Program as a SGP Small Grants Program and co-funded by the Iranian Fuel Consumption Organization ( a subsidiary of national Iranian Oil Company) , NGOs ( Iranian Society of Environmentalists(IRSEN)).

you can see some pictures of construction phases biogas units and local people participations:


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