Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 39) Special issue Abstracts

  • Energy optimization in gas-to-liquid process

  • ( Majid Amidpour, Mohammad Hasan Panjeshahi, Malek Shariati Niassar )

    Keywords :   GTL, synthesis gas, Fischer, integrated network

  • Recycling the PET and PP used in packaging industries to produce isolating panels and assess their compressive strength

  • ( Zeinolabedin Gh. Alamdari, Ali Khavanin, Mehrdad Kokabi )

    Keywords :   Plastic recycling, PET & PP, isolating panel, compressive strength

  • The performance of chemical compounds (Ferro sulfate, ferric chloride and calcium hypochlorite) in H2S and sulfide removal from industrial effluents

  • ( Ali Torabian, Amir Hesam Hassani, Leili Shafiee )

    Keywords :   Ferro sulfate, ferric chloride and calcium hypochlorite, hydrogen sulfide, chemical precipitation

  • Sanitary-technical assessment of extracting methane from the landfill in Shiraz

  • ( Ghasem Ali Omrani, Narges Mohseni, Kazem Haghighat, Amir Hossein Javid )

    Keywords :   Methane, landfill, technical, sanitary, Shiraz

  • The study of sorption equilibrium of chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions using rice bran

  • ( Mahboobeh Nameni, Mohammad Reza Alavi Moghadam, Mokhtar Arami )

    Keywords :   Adsorption, chromium (VI), rice bran, adsorption isotherm, adsorption kinetics

  • Biosorption of Pb (II) and Zn (II) by the non-living biomass Phanerochaete chrysosporium

  • ( Reza Marandi, Hamideh Amir Afshar )

    Keywords :   Biosorption, adsorption, heavy metals, preteatment, biosorbent, biomass, P.chrysosoporium

  • Economic-recreational valuation of Own-ebne-Ali Forest Park in Tabriz

  • ( Abbas Esmaeeli, Negin Latifi Oskoei )

    Keywords :   Forest park, social and economic valuation, demand curve, environmental services, recreation, entrance fee, Tabriz

  • An Investigation of phenol of Removal from contaminated water by almond and walnut shells charcoal and activated carbon

  • ( Mohsen Saeedi, Seyed Pejvak Pajooheshfar )

    Keywords :   Adsorption, activated carbon, almond shell, walnut shell, phenol

  • A qualitative and quantitative study of wastes in private hospitals of Tehran

  • ( Masoud Monavari, Ghasemali Omrani, Fatemeh Rezaei )

    Keywords :   Hospital waste management, infectious waste, general waste

  • The study of environmental problems and pollution management at the olefin plant of Bandar-e-Imam Petrochemical Complex

  • ( Sima Sabzalipour, Nematallah Jaafarzadeh, Houshang Parham )

    Keywords :   Petrochemical complex, environment, pollutants, hazardous wastes, olefin plant

  • Green Management System at the National Library of Itan

  • ( Kazem Naddafi, Jafar Nouri, Ramin Nabizade, Nazak Shahbod )

    Keywords :   Green Management System, pollutant, waste management, optimum consumption, consumption management

  • Adaptive role of Tehran on the development of the spatial structure of Lavasan and Sharifabad cities from 1970 to date

  • ( Mostafa Momemi, Mohamad Taghi Razavian, Habibollah Mahdavivafa )

    Keywords :   Political economy of space, special structure, Tehran metropolis, periphery region

  • Phenomenology of the urban environment: promoting urban spaces to urban places

  • ( Hadi Mahmoodi Nejhad, Mohammad Reza Pour Jaafar, Mohammad Reza Bemanian, Mojtaba Ansari, Ali Akbar Taghvaei )

    Keywords :   Urban environment, holding of identity, place, urban spaces, phenomenology of the place

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