Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 37) Abstracts

  • The Operation of SRBs in the Treatment of Industrial Wastes Containing Phenol Solfonic Acid

  • ( Ali Torabiyan, Amir Hesam Hassani, Habibe Rabi'ie Hashemi )

    Keywords :   Biological aerobic treatment, industrial waste water, SRB, Phenol Solfonic Acid

  • Waste Minimization Management System in Detergent Industries

  • ( Mostafa Khezri, Masood Monavari, Hamid Anari Tafti )

    Keywords :   Waste minimization, detergent production, sulfunation

  • Estimation of Air Pollutants (Nitrogen Oxides & Sulfur Dioxide) Emitted from four power plants of the Country)

  • ( Abdolreza Karbassi, Farideh Atabi, Nahid Eslami Alishah )

    Keywords :   Power plant, air pollution, air pollutants emission, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide

  • Estimation of External Costs of Transferring Small Electroplating Industries from Tehran to Kharazmy Industrial Complex

  • ( Zahra Abedi, Jamileh Jamali Zavareh )

    Keywords :   External costs, polluting industries, industrial complexes, water pollution

  • Economic Evaluation of Solar Power Plants Development: An Environmental Perspective

  • ( Mahdi Sadeghi, Atieh Ekrami )

    Keywords :   Economic assessment, solar power plant, marginal cost, external cost, social cost

  • A Method for Economic Evaluation of Forest Logging Damages On Regeneration and Stand (Case study: Alandan and Waston Serries)

  • ( Majid Lotfalian, Aidin Parsakho, Baris Majnounian )

    Keywords :   Logging, damages, cost evaluation, stand, regeneration, skidding, forest

  • Environmental Impacts of Industrial Development in Shahryar

  • ( Masoud Monavari, Saeed Malmasi, Reza Arjmandi, Zahra Samadi Tari )

    Keywords :   Industrial units, pollution, Shahryar

  • Legal Aspects of Oil Pollution in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman (An International Perspective)

  • ( Parvin Farshchi, Farhad Dabiri, Sara Shojaei )

    Keywords :   Oil pollution, Kuwait Convention, marine environment, Persian Gulf

  • Implementation System of the Missing Cycle in Urban Development Plans

  • ( Mahmoud Jamhiri, Hossain Zabihi, Hamid Majedi )

    Keywords :   System, implement system, development city plan, city management

  • Seasonal Distribution of Striped Hyaena (hyaena hyaena hyaena) in Khogir National Park, Iran

  • ( Mahmood Karami, Borhan Riazi, Nazanin Kalani )

    Keywords :   Striped hyaena, Khojir National Park, seasonal distribution

  • Effects of 17b-estradiol valerat on Gonadal Sex Differentation of Rainbow Trout (oncorhynchus mykiss)

  • ( Tahereh Naji, Parisa Nejatkhah Manavi, Mehrdad Shirin Aadi )

    Keywords :   Oncorhynchus mykiss , feminization , sex reversal , 17β-estradiol valerat , immersion

  • Site Selection for the Central Waste Incinerator of the Medical Wastes in Tehran

  • ( Nahid Sheikhan )

    Keywords :   Site selection, central waste incinerator, medical wastes, from- to chart, traffic networks, environmental limitations, type of land usage

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