Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 33) Abstracts

  • Biosorption of Stable Strontium and Strontium-90 (Radioactive) Using Cystoseira indica Brown Alga in the Environmental Pollution Removal

  • ( Reza Dabbagh, Hossein Ghafourian, Akbar Baghvand, Gholam Reza Nabi, Hossein Riahi )

    Keywords :   Biosorption, Strontium, Strontium-90, Brown alga, Cystoseira indica

  • Laboratory Study of Arsenic Removal by Macro-algae, Chara

  • ( Yassaman Babaee, Mohammad Reza Alavi Moghadam, Fereshte Ghassemzadeh, Mohammad Hossein Arbab Zavar )

    Keywords :   arsenic, Chara, Chelpo (north-east of Iran), macro algae, phytoremediation

  • Environmental Effects of Aquaculture in Iran

  • ( Reza Arjmandi, Abdolreza Karbassi, Roxana Moogouie )

    Keywords :   aquaculture, environmental effects, annual growth, mangrove, coral reefs

  • Toxic Effect of Zinc Sulfate on Gill Tissues of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio)

  • ( Tahereh Naji, Shila Safaeian, Mina Rostami, Mehrnaz Sabrjou )

    Keywords :   common carp, zinc sulfate, gill tissue, LC50

  • Comparison of Technical, Hygienic and Economic Aspects of Sterilization, Incineration and Sanitary Landfill as the Three Available Methods for Hospital Wastes Disposal in Shahr-e-Kord

  • ( Ghasem Ali Omrani, Farideh Atabi, Mehraban Sadeghi, Bahman Banaee Ghahfarokhi )

    Keywords :   hospital wastes, per capita hospital waste, infectious wastes, Disinfection, sterilization

  • Investigation of Industrial Hazardous Waste: A Case Study of Fars Province

  • ( Paria Amirian, Naser Talebbeydokhty, Nematollah Jafarzadeh, Ramin Nabizadeh )

    Keywords :   industrial hazardous waste, Basel Convention, database, Fars Province

  • Possibility of Waste Minimization in Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex: A Case Study of the Olefin Plant

  • ( Sima Sabzali Pour, Nemat Allah Jaafar Zadeh, Masood Monavari )

    Keywords :   hazardous wastes, UNEP classification, waste minimization, Olefin Plant, petrochemical complex

  • Environmental Management of the Solid Wastes of Stone Cutting Industries: A Case Study of Qom Province

  • ( Mohammad Mosaferi, Mohammad Fahiminia, Ramin Nabizadeh )

    Keywords :   stone cutting industries, solid wastes, Qom Province, environmental Management

  • preparation of acid sludge obtained from the recovery of used oil for its purification

  • ( Vahid Shapouri, Mohammad Reza Alavi Moghadam, Taghi Ebadi )

    Keywords :   electroplating sludge, chromium stabilization, Stabilization and solidification, cement, silica fume

  • Environmental and Legislative Study of The Surface Water Resources of Tehran Potable Water

  • ( Borhan Riyazi, Nasser Ghasemi, Farhad Dabiri, Elahe Pourkarimi )

    Keywords :   potable water resources, water basins, legal condition, environmental condition, industrial wastewater

  • Mathematical Modeling and Prediction of Executed Emissions from Heat-Electrical Industries

  • ( Reza Marandi, Nasrollah Majidian, S.Mohammad Hoji Khorasani )

    Keywords :   executed, mathematical model, chemical, kinetics, pollutant

  • An Introduction to Environmental Geopolitics

  • ( Yousef Zeinolabedin, Hamid Reza Paknejad Mottaki )

    Keywords :   geopolitics, environment, states, national interests, security, sovereignty

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