Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 30) Abstracts

  • Nitrate removal from drinking water by ion exchange and reverse osmosis

  • ( Ali Torabian, Amir Hesam Hasani, Mehrnoosh Samak Abedi )

    Keywords :   nitrate, drinking water, ion exchange, reverse osmosis

  • Identification of parameters influencing hexavalent chromium mist measurement using Taguchi experimental design

  • ( Aram Tirgar, Farideh Golbabaei, Keramat Nouri jelyani, Masood Salehi, Seyed Jamaleddin Shahtaheri )

    Keywords :   hexavalent chromium mist, mist, electroplating, Taguchi experimental design

  • Calculation of external costs of road transportation on social environment (with an emphasis on road accidents)

  • ( Fatemeh Zahed, Abdolreza Rezaee Arjroody )

    Keywords :   road accident, external cost, DALY, V.S.L.

  • Detergent removal from car manufacturing industrial wastewater and its standardization

  • ( Amir Hossein Javid, Sayyed Ahmad Mirbagheri, Mehran Pourtalari )

    Keywords :   industrial wastewater, detergent, surfactant, car manufacturing industries

  • The capability of Anodonta cygnea (Unionidae) in the biological treatment of urban wastewater (an open system approach)

  • ( Arash Javanshir, Mojgan Jandaghi )

    Keywords :   wastewater treatment, filtration rate, Anodonta cygnea, phosphate and nitrate, Chlorella sp., Scenedesmus sp. Algae

  • The concentration and sources of heavy metals in the sediments of Shirud River

  • ( Marjaneh Kharrat Sadeghi, Abdolreza Karbassi )

    Keywords :   pollution, heavy metals, chemical partitioning, Shirud River

  • Determination of recreational value of Anzali wetland using the travel cost method

  • ( Somayyeh Saudi, Abbas Esmaeeli )

    Keywords :   Anzali wetland, evaluation, travel cost method

  • The effect of road and railway transportation on wildlife

  • ( Borhan Riazi, Neamatollah Khorasani, Mahmood Karami, Banafsheh Houshyardel )

    Keywords :   road, railway, wild life, impact

  • Using the Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (ESPOO) to solve the Caspian Sea environmental problems

  • ( Parvin Farshchi, Nazanin Roohshahbaz )

    Keywords :   environmental problems with a tranboundary nature, environmental impact assessment, ESPOO Convention, EIA transboundary Convention

  • The economic and technical evaluation of the electrical wind turbines in Boroojerd

  • ( Abdolrahim Rahimi, Majid Saghafi )

    Keywords :   electricity, energy, wind turbine, potential measurement, Boroojerd

  • Identification of environmental factors determining the site of new cities in Iran

  • ( Sayyed Masood Monavari, Jafar Noori, Sahar Tabibian )

    Keywords :   Mc Harg, site selection, criteria, ecological model, environmental

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