Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 26) Abstracts

  • The study of wastewater treatment methods in tin and galvanized plating industries

  • ( Ali Torabian, Amir Hesam Hassani, Leila Ooshaksaraei )

    Keywords :   Tin and galvanized plating, coagulation and flocculation process, wastewater, Treatment

  • Environmental study and estimation of external costs (economic-health) of open flares of oil wells in Ahwaz area and elaborate managerial mechanisms to reduce the negative effects and to gain economic benefits

  • ( Naser Moharram-Nejad, Ashkan Zadeh-Dabbagh )

    Keywords :   Open flares, sour gas, air pollution, cost externalities, pulmonary disease, and environment

  • Attenuation coefficient of laser beams in different types of water

  • ( Dina Izadi, Fereshteh haj esmaeil baigi, Hossein Morovvati )

    Keywords :   laser, propagation, attenuation coefficient, water

  • Considering the effect of wetting and drying in finite-volume modeling of two-dimensional, wind-induced lake currents

  • ( Saeed Reza Sabbagh-Yazdi, Hamed Arabi )

    Keywords :   Chitgar lake, unstructured finite volumes, depth averaged flow, wetting and drying

  • A dendrochronological evaluation of the effects of air pollution on radial growth of Pine trees (Pinus eldarica) in Tehran

  • ( Vahid Reza Safdari, Davood Parsapajouh, Amir Hooman Hemmasi )

    Keywords :   Tree rings, Pinus eldarica, air pollution, heavy metals, radial growth

  • Investigation of basic yellow 2 removal from contaminated water by electrocoagulation method in the batch reactor

  • ( Mortaza Kashefialasl, Reza Marandi, Mortaza Khosravi, Kambiz Seyyedi, Ali Reza Khataie )

    Keywords :   Wastewater treatment, electrocoagulation, decolorization, and Basic yellow 2

  • Obsolete Pesticide in Iran

  • ( Taghi Ebadi, Linda Yadegarian, Parvin Farshchi, Mohammad Reza Zolfagharpour, Pegah Fallahi )

    Keywords :   Obsolete pesticides, storage

  • Study of Diatoms Flora of Jajrood River

  • ( Fatima Jamalou, Fath Allah Fallahyan, Taher Nejad Satari, Ahmad Majd )

    Keywords :   Diatoms, algae, river, Epilithic, Epiphytic, Epipelic

  • Gradual Development of International Environment Legal Rights and Governments’ Responsibility

  • ( Ali Vafadar )

    Keywords :   International rights, environment destruction, principles and regulations, governments, crimes, responsibilities

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