Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 25) Abstracts

  • On the Feasibility of Using PV Cells in the Northwestern Elevation of Tehran

  • ( Majid Abbaspour, Fareideh Atabi, Pooneh Saeidi )

    Keywords :   Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, PV Cell, and Greenhouse Gases

  • The Analysis of the results obtained from the measurement systems of radioactive in the air by nuclear detectors in Iranian Atomic Energy Organization site in the year 1382

  • ( Faramarz Moatar, Parvin Nassiri, Zahra Khorasani, Mohamad Reza Zarrin )

    Keywords :   Air pollution, radioactive elements, Spectrometry

  • A Mathematical Study Of CO2 Absorption With H2O Films in Annular Flows

  • ( Mahmood Kheradmand, Esmaeil Esmaeilzadeh )

    Keywords :   Carbon dioxide absorption, Water film, Annular flow, Turbulence, Wavy

  • Technical and economical study of 5 consecutive recovery cycles for heavy metals (Cu, Cr, Ni) by dried mass of Sargassum

  • ( Banafshe Barkhordar, Mansour Ghiassedin )

    Keywords :   Chromium, Copper, Nickel, biosorption, and recovery

  • The effect of atmospheric pollutants on the activity of antioxidant enzymes (ascorbate peroxidase and catalase) and soluble carbohydrates of Lavandula vera D.C. and Rosmarinus officinalis L.

  • ( Shideh Atri, Mahlagha Ghorbanli, Saeed Motesadi Zarandi )

    Keywords :   air pollutants, antioxidant defence system, ascorbate peroxidase, catalase, soluble carbohydrates, Lavandula vera, Rosmarinus officinalis

  • The investigation of collecting, discarding, and recycling the construction waste in Tehran

  • ( Ghasem Ali Omrani, Abdoalreza Karbasi, Masood Monavari, Neda Yousefi )

    Keywords :   Collecting, Discarding, Recycling, Construction waste

  • Social Cost of Energy Sector

  • ( Nargess Kargari, Maryam Khodi )

    Keywords :   Social Cost, Damage Cost, Energy Sector, Marginal Cost, Willingness to Pay (WTP)

  • The Investigation of Lead Shield Application in Food Samples Spectrometry by NaI (Tl) Detectors

  • ( Nooshin Poursiamy, Fatemeh Mirshojaei, Javad Hoseini, Moslem Yousefi Abharloo, Mahdi Yousefi Telgerd, Hossein Tajik Ahmadi, Amir Movafeghi )

    Keywords :   Gamma Spectrometry, NaI Detector, Background, Detector Efficiency, Minimum Detectable Activity (MDA), Lead Shield, Bremsstrahlung, Marinelli Beaker

  • The Green View

  • ( Ali Sharghi )

    Keywords :   Architecture, Green Space, Porch, Roof, Wall, City, Urban Designing

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