Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 24) Abstracts

  • Correlation of Indoor Air quality and outdoor Air quality at places with high Air pollution in Tehran -1382

  • ( Majid Shafiepour, Rozita Moghaddam )

    Keywords :   air quality, indoor, correlation

  • Simulation of Eutrification and Dissolved oxygen Changes Probability in Artificial Lakes

  • ( Jafar Nouri, Hamid Rahimipour, Roya Nezakati )

    Keywords :   Man-made lake, DO, Water quality, nutrients, eutrification

  • Removal of Chromium Present in Water and Industrial Wastewater Using Resistant Fungi

  • ( Mohammad Bagher Sadoug, Mitra Talaei )

    Keywords :   Chromium, Biosorption, Mucor, Aspergillus

  • The relationship between physicochemical factors of industrial wastewater and resistant bacteria

  • ( Arezoo Tahmourespour, Rouha Kasra Kermanshahi, Ashrafsadat Nouhi )

    Keywords :   BOD, COD, Microbial resistance, Industrial wastewater

  • The study of Environmental Biogeochemistry of trace elements in fishes of Khorramabad River Watershed

  • ( Shahab Varkouhi, Ebrahim Amin Sobhani )

    Keywords :   Environmental Biogeochemistry, Trace elements, Watershed, Fishes liver, Bioaccumulation

  • Succession of benthos settled on freshwater artificial reefs in Sari

  • ( Laleh Izadi Raeeni, Hossein Negarestan, Arash Javanshir Khoee )

    Keywords :   Artificial Reefs, benthos, succession, Fresh water, Iran, Alga, Prawn, Dreissena polymorpha

  • Investigation of the adverse effects on water quality Conditions of illogical use of ground water Resources at Anar region in Kerman province

  • ( Neamatallah Jaafarzadeh, AmirHesam Hassani, Ali Zinadinii, Ali Hassibi )

    Keywords :   Irrigation water, Drinking water, Ground water, Anar of Kerman

  • Economic advantages of locomotive’s fuel replacement With natural gas in the countries rail fleet

  • ( Mohammad Reza Farshid Nejad )

    Keywords :   Natural gas, Locomotive, ANG, CNG, Diesel, Dual-Fuel

  • An Introduction to the Ecological City

  • ( Khosrow Movahed )

    Keywords :   Ecological City, Urban Environment, Sustainable Development, and Ecosystem Protection

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