Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (NO. 21) Abstracts

  • A Survey on Quantity of Metallic and Nonmetallic Mineral Industrial wastewater in Tehran

  • ( Amir Hosain Mahvi, Mojtaba Afshar Nia, Jaafar Noori, Simin Nasseri )

    Keywords :   Industrial wastewater, Metallic Industry, nonmetallic mineral Industry

  • IRAN Thermal Power Plants Chemical Wastewater Treatment

  • ( Ali Torabian, Amir Hesam Hassani, Farzam Babai, Farnoosh Boshkoh )

    Keywords :   Power plant, Wastewater, Boiler, Chemical Washing, Precipitation

  • Alvita as Alternative of Malachite Green in Cold Water Fish Systems

  • ( Laleh Sheikhi Moghaddam, Mozhgan Emtyazjoo, Hossein Emadi )

    Keywords :   Alvita, Malachite Green, fungi , Traph , Egg, Trout

  • Feasibility Study of Implementation of Treatment of Discharged Wastewater into Karoon River in Khouzestan Provinces of Iran

  • ( Mohammad Reza Sabour,Hamidreza Kamalan )

    Keywords :   Wastewater Treatment, Financial Justification, Cost-Benefit, Value of Statistical Life, Khouzestan, Karoon

  • The study of Sargassum capacity to adsorb Cr, Ni and Cu

  • ( Banafsheh Barkhordar,Mansour Ghiasseddin )

    Keywords :   Chromium, Nickel, Copper, Algae, Sargassum, Biosorption

  • Comprehensive Plan to Control Environmental Hazards of Chemical Accidents

  • ( Madjid Abbaspour, Madjid Shapie-pour, Nabei Allah Mansouri )

    Keywords :   Chemical Accidents, Hazardous Chemicals, Modeling, GIS, Television View, SOS

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