The Journal of “ Environmental Science and Technology” is the official scientific quarterly publication of the Faculty of Environment, Science & Research branch of IAU. In scientific collaboration with Iranian Society of Environmentalists. It accepts original papers in the field of Environmental Science.


1. Manuscripts submitted for publication should describe original work not previously published elsewhere.


2.Manuscripts may submit in Persian or English and should be written according to sound grammar and proper terminology. Irrespective of the language, the paper should be accompanied with both English and Persian abstracts.


3.Manuscripts should be typed on one side of an A4 paper, with double spacing and 3 cm margin at each side, and submitted in triplicate.


4.The first page of the paper should only contain the title, name(s), degree(s) and address (es) of the author(s).


5.The text should include: title, 3-4 keywords, abstracts, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, acknowledgement if necessary, and references.


6.The English and Persian abstracts for each paper submitted on two separate pages, inclusive of all the information requested under item 4.


7.Tables should be submitted on separate pages with captions placed above.


8.Figures and graphs in black and white are accepted if they are of high quality and mounted on separate pages with the legends placed below.


9.The same data should not be presented in both tables and figures, and their suggested place should be clearly marked on the margin of the text.


10.References should be cited in the manuscript by superscript numerals in parentheses and numbered sequentially in order of citation.

Each Journal reference should be shown the following: author’s name, year of publication, title of articles, name of journal, volume and pages.

Book references should include: author’s name, year of publication, title addition (if other than first), page(s), publisher and place of publication. 


11.Short communications and each report should, when possible, follow the same structure as original papers.


12.The Editorial Board of the Journal reserves the right to accept or reject any article, as necessary.