J.Env.Sci. Tech., Spring 2004, No.20



Determination of LC50 96h on Saturn (herbixide) and Malation

(Insecticide) on Persian Sturgeon (Acipenser Persicus)


Shaaban Ali Nezami

Islamic Azad University . Lahijan

Zabih-Allah Pajand

Int.Reserch Institut of Caviar Fish- Dr.Dadman- Rasht

Hossein Khara

Islamic Azad University . Lahijan

Fariba .Keshvar doost

Institute of Fisheri Research


Key words: Persian Sturgeon(Acipenser persicus), Saturn, Malatoin, LC50 96h.



The toxic effects of Saturn 50% (Herbiside) and Malation 57% (Insectside) were studied on persian sturgeon (Acipenser persicus) fingerling weighting 1-3g in 2003. The acute toxiciy of Saturn and Malation on the mortality of persian sturgeon was studied in order to determine the LC50 96h. The experiments were carried out on the basis of standard methods in static state.

The PH and total hardness of the water determined throughout the experiment that were 6.5 7 and 23 mg/l, respectively. The water temperature was 25 1 c and dissolved oxygen values were higher than 7 mg/l.

On the basis of the results obtained, LC50 96h of Saturn and Malation on persian sturgeon fingerlings were 0.007 and 10 mg/l, respectively.

The maximum permissible concentration for Saturn Malation on Persian sturgeon fingerlings were 0.0007 and 1 mg/l, respectively. There for on the basis of standards the pesticide Saturn is considered highly toxic and Malation, medium toxic for the fingerlings under study.