J.Env.Sci. Tech., Spring 2004, No.20


An Investigation on Active Motorcycles Emission in Tehran


Majid Shapie-Poure

Hamidreza Kamalan

Mechanical and Environmental Engineering ,K.N.Toosi University of Technology



 Keywords: Air Pollution, Emission , Modeling Motorcycle , Transportation, Tehran



The objective of this study is to calculate the amount of Tehran air pollution due to motorcyles traffic via modeling and field survey. The first step to achieve motorcycles, daily traffic and average velocity. A relevant questionnaire designed and with field survey method, distribution of motorcycles(4-stroke, moped), kind of usage, esimate of mileage and average velocity gathered. The data has been compared with traffic data , manufacturing statistics and the latest study in this field. Finally with the obtained data and emission factor for each kind of motorcycle a new model was developed based on the emission inventory models. Annual emission for Tehran motorcycles was calculated. The contribution of mobilesources and motorcycles has been estimated by the developed model. The results showed that in 2002 The number of active motorcycles in Tehran was 450,000 the contribution of environmentted pollutants from these mobile sources was %21 and %9 for co and PM 10 and there has been abour, 450000 active motorcles (58%  4-stroke, 28% 2-stroke, 14%  moped )1% and 44% for Nox and NMVOC . The contribution of motorcycles among mobile sources in Tehran air pollution was estimuted%22.