J.Env.Sci. Tech., Spring 2004, No.20


Geographical  Distribution of Ticks (Soft and Hard) in City of 

Boyerahmad (Kohghiloyeh and Boyerahmad Province)

 2003- 2004


Mansoureh  Shayeghi

Alamdar Khoram Rooz

School of public Health and Institute of Public Health Research, Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Norayer  Piazak

Pasteur Institute of Iran.


Key words: Boyerahmad, Soft tick, Hard tick, Distribution



          The Objective of this study is to in vestigate the geographical distribution of ticks in the Boyerahmad city. Survey occurred in the 1/10 of villages in this city. Ticks was collected of different places including plain high land, highland- plain in different seasons. 2173 ticks (soft, hard) were totally collected that 820 were soft ticks (Argasidae family) and 1353 were among hard ones(Igsodideh). Argas and ornithodorus was recognized among soft ticks. Argas genous have two species A. persicus %23.92 and A. reflexus %2.50, and genera ornithodorus only one species O.lahorensis %11.32. Amongst hard ticks 3 genous and 7 species identified as follow: Haemaphysalis genous (Hae sulcata %27, 75, Hae conceinae %0.43) Hyabma (Hy scholzei %8.51, Hy marginatum % 4.80, Hy deteritum % 4.80).

Rhepicephalus genus (Rh bursa %3.81, Rh Sanginus % 0.55) in the soft ticks A. persicus and in the hard ticks Hae sulcata were the main species, respectivly. These were collected from animal shelters, fowl nests, animal bodies and human house.